Last seen: 8 Dec 2022


First Name: Yolanda
Last Name: Russo
Business Name: Beauty On Command
Country: United States

Yolanda Russo, an author, life coach, and holistic skin care expert. For the past two decades, she's been helping people look and feel younger. Her mission is to empower people to take responsibility for their well-being which directly impacts their appearance.

Yolanda has created a Private Community  for health-conscious people in addition to supporting her clients at Speranzi Facial Spa, Verona NJ. For those people who are not able to see her in person, she is available for a zoom session at Online Beauty Visit.

She is a founder of Beauty On Command Natural Facelift Method and BOC Skin Care plant-based skin care products. She is passionate about the health of the skin and educates her clients on best skin care practices to slow down the skin aging.

You can find her at the Facial Clinic or online in the Private Community 

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