Surprising Way To Slow Down Skin Aging

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The skin is divided into three parts, top layer, epidermis, is a protective layer. When you are cold or too hot the skin cells responsible for temperature regulation are active and you either shiver to warm up or sweat to cool off the body.

The second layer, dermis, is responsible for defending the body from invadors such as allergens, viruses and bacteria by releasing specialized proteins, macrophages, to swallow and recycle the intruders. The dermis houses the melanin which gives the color to the skin. Protect it when in a high sun with a sunscreen to avoid overproduction of melanin that causes skin inflammation and as a result dark spots among other problems.

The third layer, hypodermis, is a body's own shock absorber or an internal insulation. The fatty layer contours the skin and gives it a shape. Lack of healthy oils in your diet can deplete this layer and cause capillaries, bruising and wrinkles. Our skin begins to age as soon as we arive to this planet. So let's not be consumed with the aging but prevent the premature aging.

What are the three most important aspects of premature skin aging? 

  • Excess sun exposure
  • Excess sugar consumption
  • Poor nutrition and dehydration

Help your skin look younger by adopting a healty lifestyle and include a better nutrition for your skin too. 

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