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We are just on the heels of 2023. Aren't you happy that 2022 is almost over?

You're probably anxious to set your intentions for the year to come. So what do we normally do we set the intentions for something that is physical that is visible in the mirror, and something that we don't like and we would like to change. Obviously, that's a good idea. But what if that inner beauty that inner balance is not aligning with the outer balance? And even if you try to go on a diet and you're not happy, you're just not going to lose the weight as quickly as you would like? And there are various reasons for not being happy. Sometimes it's a hormonal situation, other times is something that we carry inside, our emotions that we bury and keep it hidden. So it doesn't show in our environment, but we are actually hurting ourselves by doing so.

Let's see, we could set the goal of losing weight, we could set the goal of Looking Younger, being more energetic, having more success at work, all those things are very, very good because when you set that goal, you try to strive to achieve that goal. But what if something else is inside of you that stops you from achieving those goals?

Today's guest Ulrika Karlsson, she's from Sweden is a spiritual teacher and a soul coach. She's able to coach our soul to clear whatever is holding us from becomming a better version of ourselves. To begin the journey we need to feel better.  I'm very interested in this conversation. 


Thank you so much, Yolanda. That's a great question. So my experience is that most of us are not aligned with who we are on the soul. level. We are stuck in the third dimensional aspect with our bodies, which is like in the matrix. And we have these unconscious deep programs running in our in our minds and they only have access to 5% of consciousness. That means that we are governed by 95% are unconscious programs from this lifetime or from previous lifetime. So I might if you take this example as I want to lose weight, which is like very what many are striving for in the Western countries? First of all, this is only a program that you are not good enough the way you are. That's a program for us to see in the hamster wheel to keep running around in the matrix and not evolving. So why don't I lose weight if that's what I want to do? Perhaps I have luggage with me that I'm not even conscious of that I'm carrying such as emotional luggage, maybe trauma, unresolved feelings, etc, etc. So all these things are stored within the memory of your soul and your soul resides within your body partially. So that means that even though that you are trying to lose weight, you might have a programs that are hindering you, or keeping you stuck keeping you small, and that you're focusing also on these things. What if you could just love yourself and accept yourself the way you are and focus on other things where you can grow.


So can I can I just say here? So is emotional eating part of that what you're talking about? When we are when we get upset or we get down? We are looking for something to satisfy us.


Yeah, that's one part of it because it's so we are multi dimensional beings like our bodies are here in 3d the third dimensional which is called the matrix if you have seen the movies, then our minds that are not tangible or that you can grasp are sort of in the fourth dimension, and the soul resides in the fifth dimension to the 10th and about so it's like a 10th layer of chocolate cake. We live here in our bodies in the third dimension, and our souls are up here. So eating can be one part of it and we can also numb and distract ourselves with social media with our physical appearance, with drugs, with medications, with alcohol, with sex with a birth in our societies, for instance, we are glorifying to be busy, actually to be a workaholic. In the yogic perspective, I'm a yoga therapist. That is that is a deep, deep, deep imbalance in the Root Chakra. So I'm always trying to get acknowledgement I'm always trying to improve myself in the outer world. Because I want the love I want to be included. I want to be witnessed, I want to be acknowledged. So it's like we are looking for the wrong things in the wrong places. Right, because if I need outer acknowledgement, where where Who am I inside? Why can I not give myself the acknowledgement that I need to thrive? So in our western societies, we're using all kinds of things, things that you can use, you can also abuse and we can use these things, to numb ourselves to distract ourselves. To keep us separated from the souls high frequency on who we truly are. Because here in 3d, basically what it comes down to and my perception is that here we have the polarities, like good bad man women, dark, light, light day, etc. And we have the 95% of the unconscious programming telling us on how we should look like like as a woman, for instance, that we in the western society how we should look like. So I'm 51 But I still you know, are considered to be my breasts should be in one way my body in one way. My appearance like clothes. So this is just illusions. This is just ticks programs that are running in our mindset to keep a small so there might be something in your luggage. That is hindering you from true growth that is hindering you from stepping up into higher frequencies of the soul. So, here we have the polarities of fear and we have the polarities of love. And then you have the whole spectrum of feelings. Between that. So if I, if I if I say that I want to lose weight, because I want to look good, right? Okay. So then the question might be okay, so who is it important that I look good to? Is somebody out there? Okay. So what happens if I don't look good? What happens? What does it mean? Will I be excluded? Will I don't I've been loved, because people are individually we are all looking for love. We're all looking to be included. And we were looking for acknowledgment that's like the human nature. We want to be included. We want to be loved. But if I'm always searching for outer love and the outer acknowledgement that I'm missing out on who I am, and who I can be the best version of myself so maybe I can just say that this is just illusions that keep me distracted. Because if I am aligned with who I am on a soul level, I only am in the love perspective. So we have the ego and the ego is only here for our survival. The ego wants to keep us puts it wants us to be stuck in the comfort zone, right. But we all know that there is no growth in our comfort zone. Okay, so the growth is always outside of our comfort zone and that is the soul the soul wants you to thrive. So wants you to be the best upgraded version of yourself that you can be but if I have a lot of luggage with me, I mean the metaphor is, if my backpack is heavy my luggage, whether if it's emotional, spiritual, sexual, and deepest programming, if I'm carrying with it from this second to that second to that second, then I'm carrying with me the programs. Do you understand what I'm saying?


How can we do this quickly, so we can start ascending to the fifth I want to be in the fifth dimension as quickly as I can. 


Yes, then the best recipe is to do your inner work. Meaning your face your shadows to transform your trauma to transform your inner darkness into more light. Because like the metaphor if if the unconscious is our shadows, like then we are governed by 95% of our shadows rights, but I can transform them into more lights. And the way I see it, it's not a quick fix. Because we want we want quick fixes and if we do the quick fixes that we are also doing like spiritual bypass. So, each one of us are having karma. And this karma we are transmitting out into the collective consciousness. So as you and I, we all are contributing to this mess because our karma is not cleared. Our karma is full of shit. And I have a load of baggage. So we carry it with us in every second we carry with it, you know throughout lifetimes. And just to clear it all out. To clear the karma is like a reboot. Reset for your soul. In the Akashic library, this is so interesting. The Akashic Record are like in Google for the soul. And in the Akashic record everything that you have ever experienced, is stored in the Akashic Record. Everything that might have happened is stored in the Akashic Records.


It's so interesting and everything that is going to happen and your future is stored in the Akashic Record. And you are creating this, the future of yours in this moment with all the luggage that you're carrying. Right. So what we need to do is to clear out the heaviness we need to clear out the density we need to clear out these stored traumas unresolved, I call them frozen emotions.


So that's one way of clearing the soul and other way would be what yoga or what else?


So I'm providing my clients for karma clearings that works to clear the soul. Moving from the Akashic records from the downloads and the information that the soul reveals to me, as I'm reading. And then another angle is to to increase your frequency is to work with the body through the body, since everything is stored within the body, right. We are always in the ascending flow in Western societies. We are in the ascending flow, we want to sound. We want to be enlightened. We want to we can hear in our language, we want to have higher education. We want to climb the carrier letter we want to sort of rice right and that is just the ascending flow. And what happens is if you are constantly in the ascending flow, then you are moving the energy from the body up into the headspace. So you are empty, you're depleting your heart, the heart is your center, right. So we have to work with a descending flow, the ascending and the descending flow, and they melt and merge in the heart. So we have to live more from our hearts, not from our minds, not from our egos, not from our illusions and the programming but from our hearts where there's only love but over the love. There's so much stored so layers of the layers of shades of traumas, unresolved feelings, etc. So we don't have access to our hearts.


So going outside and taking a deep breath or just getting out to the sun. Is that enough to start that?


That is good start. But most of us we have so much stressed store, so we need to do it many, many times and for perhaps you have to do it as a routine.


So I was thinking about the COVID period, and in my heart I feel that COVID kind of slowed us down and got us closer to the Earth, we became more grounded. What do you feel about this Covid reset period?


So in one level, people slow down, but we didn't do differently. We were still abusing alcohol. We're still abusing medication. We took pure some jabs and whatever to numb ourselves. So on one level, yes. But in the holistic approach and on the soul level, no, because 2020 was actually the healer of the heart. And most of us chose the deprogramming of fear right. So the separation between us became even bigger. The separation between the third and the fifth dimensional became bigger separation between Body Soul and Spirit became bigger and we haven't done anything differently. Like so this was designed to make us choose love or fear. And most of us chose fear. In World War Two, for instance, the separation request between these people and these people, right so you didn't have access if you were a due to this and that but if you were like pure blood, you have access, right? So if you're just looking at the patterns we are keeping, repeating the patterns, it's like we have, we haven't learned anything on a soul level. So it comes back to us, for us to evolve to be able to learn but we still choose the same patterns. And the way we have been treating ourselves some others which we still choose fear, we still choose separation. We still choose these lower frequencies. So each and one of us are upholding what is going on in the earth today. That's why it's important that each and one of us do this inside job or releasing karma.


Yes. That is one way that would benefit the beneficiary for the individual, for the individual consciousness and the collective consciousness and for Gaia. More high vibrational feelings like love, empathy, compassion, and always our true teacher. My job here is to guide you into yourself. So you are the teacher and you are the master of yourself and your life. It's again an inside job. I can give you the tools for you to help yourself. I can provide you the tools, the insights, the knowledge, the wisdom that you require to do. But I can't be in your shoes. I cannot take your steps for you. Does it make sense? Yeah. So we have to make a choice. Yes, we have to make a choice and I can be the one that's holding your hand that is providing the space for you to grow. But it's reminding you in my latest book, The Sacred Soul a Divine Evolution through Time. And space to remind you that you are a divine soul from source and you are not your thoughts. You are not your body. You are not your emotions. It's just information and deprogramming. You are divinity you are like stardust. You are a divine soul from source. And we basically have this so we have this within us. We just have to bring it out. Exactly.

And that's why like people like me can can help you to bring it out. But it's already there inside of you. buried beneath all these layers and layers of stress. 

For more resources or to schedule a session with Ulrika visit the website


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