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When it comes to the health and beauty of your skin, what is the biggest challenge you've been struggling with?






Yolanda Russo, personal trainer for the skin and holistic skin care expert interested in your health and beauty. Her vast knowledge and experience within the wellness arena allow her to help thousands of clients not only look good but feel good too.

After almost two decades of working with people to make them look and feel better Yolanda decided to change direction and incorporate education into facial treatments. Most of my clients want to feel empowered, they really want to know how to help their skin at home. Up until now, the only solution was another cream or lotion or a visit to a plastic surgeon

Yolanda's vast knowledge and experience within the wellness arena allowed her to create a unique business model that focuses on each client individually

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DIY Younger You Course

Yolanda Russo, creator of Beauty On Command Method has built an easy DIY home care course that addresses the most visible signs of aging. The course is dived in three parts: 1.The forehead lines, the 11 line and the dark circles. 2. The cheeks, the mouth folds plus the lips 3.The jawline and the neck 4. Bonus: Body Care/Hands For best results practice the routine on one part of the face for 2 min. Please make sure to join our community group page to ask questions about the course. The best part is you won't need any special gadgets you've collected so far. All you'll need is a cleanser, a serum, moisturizer and your fingers. The workout is easy and all it takes is 2 min in the morning and 2 min at night for 4 weeks and then just 2 min at night. Easy and rewarding.

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Boost Your Collagen: The Fountain of Youth Is Inside Of You

Collagen is a fibrous tissue that holds our body together. A major part of our skin and hair is made of collagen. At age 30, collagen production in the body slows down and begins depleting, resulting in thinner, drier and less elastic skin.

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Tame Your Anxiety Build Self-Confidence

I've developed migraines early on in life which lasted for the next 20 years. As of this posting I am free from this horrible dis-ease that wasn't as recognized by doctors back then. My doctor signed me off as a healthy young women with some headaches that should go away eventually. That added more fire to my body and mind that was already burning.

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