If You Can Eat It-You Can Apply It To Face


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Did you know that you can nutrify your skin at the same time you are nutrifying your body? Scoop out some morning smoothie out of the cup and use it on the face as a delicious face mask. Yolanda Russo, creator of Beauty On Command Method helps a health conscious people take advantage of home remedies in their daily routines.


Welcome gorgeous in order for you to look good, don't look for tons of creams and lotions and potions to put on your face. What you really want is




The first thing in the morning you wake up, you exercise, you hydrate yourself and have breakfast so today I'm going to show you how easily you can nutrify yourself and you can use that on the face. Anything that you eat for breakfast can be used on your skin, for example banana…you can make smoothie out of it with yogurt, drink some and apply the rest to your face. Wait 5 min and rinse it off. 

 Let’s say you like avocados for breakfast, but sometimes you notice that your avocados get really really mushy before you're ready to eat them. There is a solution to save them: Place an avocado in a blender and with a drop of water. Make a paste out of it and apply it to the skin and as a bonus you can apply it to your hair. 


And not only that is going to save money because you are not going to throw out this expensive avocado, but you can use it as a face mask for a couple of days. 

Avocados contain lots of nutrients, including vitamin A that we all need for restoration of the new cells. So if you want to look younger avocado is a beneficial fruit for hydration, restoration of the glow, the same applies to a darkened banana. Bananas are rich in potassium, lots of beneficial vitamins and nutrients that you can use on your skin as well. 

So you might say: The whole avocado is too much for my skin at one time. That's true it might be. But avocado and any mix can be stored in the freezer for future use. Make sure to partition it or save it in an ice cube container so that you only defrost what you need. 


Most of us will find citrus fruits very delicious. We squeeze them into water. We drink lemon water which is very good for digestion as well. But did you know that you can make a lemon juice mask for your face by simply squeezing half of the lemon and applying it to your skin, to your hands to exfoliate the skin and help it to glow. Our products BOC Skin Care cleansers are fruit acid based, see Triple Exfoliating Cleanser 

The pineapple is just as beneficial as the papaya. Not only that pineapple is good for digestion again, it is good for your skin.It contains fruit acids and sugar. Sugar is very beneficial for our skin because it moisturizes our body. What else moisturizes our skin? Honey does a great job at it. Apply a tablespoon of honey diluted with a drop of water or milk. Your skin is going to glow. 


Healthy fats are very healthy for your body. And you should be digesting healthy fats. Don't think of avocado as something sinful to eat. The hormones are based on healthy fats. So don't deprive yourself of healthy fats, don't go on a low fat diet thinking that you're helping yourself. You're actually hurting yourself. You're gonna look older before your time. 


That's why I love the Mediterranean diet, healthy fats, lots of greens and proteins. So this is what we need to have a balanced and beautiful skin to learn more, more specific things about your skin about how to keep your skin glowing. And of course keeping it healthy. You can find this in my book Retrain Your Face  You can find it in my store HERE. in addition to all that I just said you can find tips and strategies on how to massage your face, how to keep it toned, just like you go to the gym and keep your muscles toned. I encourage you to check it out and that's what I have for you. I hope you're gonna stay healthy and glowing at all times.


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