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In our quest for eternal youth, we often find ourselves navigating through an endless sea of skincare products and invasive procedures. However, the secret to defying skin aging might just be more natural and simple than we think. I’m Yolanda Russo, and I’ve dedicated the past two decades to unveiling natural beauty solutions at Beauty on Command. My journey, fueled by my own battles with skin aging, has led me to a profound discovery: the power of a smile and the untapped potential of our facial muscles.

My Why: A Journey to Natural Beauty

My path to becoming a skincare expert and well-being coach was not just a professional choice; it was a deeply personal mission. The relentless pursuit of perfection and the constant busyness of my mind resulted in severe migraines, dimming the beauty of life around me. It was in my darkest moments that a gentle nudge of intuition inspired me to take control over my condition. This realization wasn’t just about healing myself; it was about illuminating the path for others who suffer needlessly, showing them the way to their own healing journey.

The Power of Personal Agency

My dive into skincare and holistic health was sparked by a critical realization: society often convinces us that our health is predetermined by genetics, making us feel helpless and dependent on external remedies. However, inspired by Bruce Lipton's teachings that genetics play a minimal role in our health, I embraced the idea that our lifestyle choices and environment significantly influence our well-being. This journey led me to Eastern medicinal practices, where I discovered the integral connection between mind, body, and spirit.This understanding propelled me into the world of holistic healing, where I learned the significance of treating the body as a whole. It was here I learned that genuine healing and maintaining youthfulness stem from self-love, mindfulness and breathwork. The clear shift away from external fixes towards self-love became my tools for transformation.

The Untapped Potential of Facial Muscles

Did you know that our bodies are equipped with about 600 muscles, with 50 of those adorning our faces? Yet, we rarely give these muscles the attention and exercise they deserve. Smiling, a simple act we often take for granted, is a passive facial workout that lifts the cheeks, smooths smile lines, and unveils our inner radiance. Remember the glow of pure happiness, like on your wedding day, that no makeup could replicate? That’s the natural beauty of smiling at work.

Conversely, frowning exerts undue pressure on the whole face contributing to the unwanted lines. By embracing the natural uplift of a smile and learning to relax our facial muscles, we can combat the signs of aging gracefully and naturally.

Join the UYOUNGER Revolution

For those ready to embark on a journey to naturally outsmart skin aging, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. From personalized coaching calls to resources designed to empower you to take control of your skin’s health and vibrancy. Visit or DM @uyounger on FB

Outsmarting skin aging naturally isn’t just about skincare; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that nurtures our inner and outer well-being. It's time to smile more, frown less, and let our natural beauty shine through.

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