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I am Yolanda Russo, holistic skin care expert who is on a mission to empower a health conscious people to strive not only be healthy and live longer but look younger naturally. I created Your Face Story to help you understand your skin and find natural solutions via the What's Your Face Story Podcast and my community Private Social Media.

The face is a window to your soul, excess stress and negative emotions tend to write a story on your face and as a result you look older and unhappy. You can't look radiant when you are unhappy!

According to scientists, one of my favorite is Bruce Lipton, biologist and quantum physicist who is the first to connect mind-body and science. He determined that heredity has very little to do with our biology. We don't have to feel we are victims to our DNA, we don't have to get sick like our predecesors, we don't have to age as our parents did. We can create our own biology by following a healthy lifestyle and a positive mindset. Our believes create our future and our lifestyle not the genes set the path for our life. When people decide they are simply too busy or too scared to adopt new behaviours and take control over premature aging, they choose to give away control to someone else. I want to help you understand why we age and what can be done about it from a holistic perspective Mind-Body-Soul and Skin.

This blog and all other resources from me are not intendent as a replacement for a medical advice or a professional skin care treatments, they are meant to help you make better choices when it comes to your health and beauty.

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