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I'm a breathwork and meditation facilitator and I'm also a freedom lifestyle creator. In my work I help women craft a lifestyle for themselves that is liberating and expansive. We touch on things like confidence and self worth, energy, stress and goal setting with a focus, not so much on end results, though that is where it's going, but on creating practices and routines in the every day, that make you feel really good, that make you feel free.

Many people think that they're truly living when they're on vacation or when they get the promotion or when something juicy is going on. But life isn't just happening when something's happening. Life is the everyday moments. It's how you go through your day. It's your experience of it. It's how you operate. It's your routines. It's your work, because let's be honest, we spend a lot of time working right. And regardless of what your work is, it is a service. It is a service to the world and to your fellow humans. It's how you care for yourself. It's how you approach your tasks. That's life. It's the nitty gritty details.

After my husband had a really serious, life threatening accident I began to really play with this idea of freedom as a result of becoming aware of my own mortality. And I realized that I spent many many years not feeling free, which was weird to me, because I grew up as a person who is very privileged, but there was a disconnect between what I felt and what was going on in my environment. I had ticked all the boxes. So what was going on and then I dived in, and I got really clear on what freedom involves for me, and it looks like this feelings, how you feel.

What feeling what you want to feel, experiencing what you want, being able to move through unexpressed feelings instead of carrying them in the body. presence and safety, consciousness and not operating from lack or fear or scarcity, energy and alignment. What are you taking in? What are you putting out? Are you doing what's in your highest good empowerment and expression?

Being able to be fully you being able to fully express and being able to fully take up space, desires and needs, self honoring giving your mind body and soul what it requires to thrive? Connection, true connection to yourself to others to nature to something bigger than you to the divine. And finally, magic, fun pleasure or wonder gratitude. Inspiration.

True freedom requires you to feel comfortable being yourself, doing things your way in a way that aligns with who you are and what works best for you. And it requires you to be able to express yourself freely to live how you want to live and thrive not just survive the day to live a life of purpose. Of meaning of impact, right not settling, not doing what you should do. And without freedom. There's contraction in the body. There's resistance in the mind and they're suffering. It causes stress. It causes health issues on the inside, on the outside, got the bags under your eyes, you've got acne going on all of the things and it makes us distracted.

We look for distractions because of that suffering. So one of the ways that I help women reclaim their freedom and craft a liberating lifestyle and craft a liberating lifestyle is through breathwork and meditation as a way of creating clarity, peace, vibrance, passion, devotion, self awareness from the inside out, rather than trying to create those things on the outside and thinking that that's going to transform the inside because that's just not necessarily the case. 

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