Secrets to Skin Exfoliation

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 According to research, our biological age can appear different from chronological age, and that is purely because every cell in our body replaces itself over the course of seven to 10 years. That is so interesting, our bones, our organs, our veins, everything is recycled. Just look at your hair and nails. The healthier you are the quicker your skin cells regrow. 

You can help your skin shed its old cells faster by means of exfoliation. There are two form of exfoliation: Physical such as harsh, gritty substances and/or electrical brushes and Chemical that is much gentler form of exfoliation found in AHA's, BHA's and glycolic acids.

Did you know that lemon juice is an AHA which is a chemical exfoliant? 
So, what does exfoliation mean for the skin for the face, and the body, it simply means that the skin is going to breathe and absorb the nutrients much more readily. When you are young the skin exfoliates itself you don't really need to help it, it always looks glowing. But at some point some life conditions like excess stress, excess sun damage or other things will affect the speed of  self-exfoliation and that's why we need to step in and help to speed it up.

The secret to exfoliation is to know when to stop using physical exfoliation. Too harsh of an exfoliation can damage already thinner layer of the skin and cause redness and uneven skin. I recommend that anyone over 30 years old pulls back on the physical exfoliation and begins using my favorite home remedy which is pure citric acid-lemon juice. Just remember that AHA's make your skin sun sensitive so apply the lemon juice mask at night only and use the sunscreen in the morning as you should always do.

 When you first notice wrinkles, you shouldn't panic, just exfoliate the skin weekly to speed up sheding of the old skin to make room for the healthy skin layers. 

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