5 Surprising Ways To A Better Life and A Better World

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In today's episode Yolanda Russo skin care expert is speaking with Hemali Vora, reiki master and holistic physical therapist. Self healing during the Covid era is the topic of the conversation.

  1. Love yourself so that you can love others
  2. Forgive yourself so that you can forgive others
  3. Accept yourself so that you can accept others
  4. Trust yourself so that you can trust others
  5. 5.Be patient with yourself so that you can be patient with others

This year has been a transformational year and it's still going. I call it a peeling of the onion year. So I have an onion here and hopefully we're not going to be crying. Well, I'll be the first one.

I know many of you are unhappy about what is happening right now and uncertain and frightened by the situation that it's all around us. But I want you to know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. But as we are peeling off the onion, you can just say it to yourself: I am tired of commuting, long commutes, I am tired of sitting in a car for hours.... and keep peeling off the onion.

So gone. You are tired of not having enough time for yourself or not even having enough time with your family. Gone. You finally found it right. You're working from home you're having time with the kids and your relationship with your husband your your mother, your father and everybody else and gone the relationships that don't serve you. Whether it's your boss, whether it's your friends, whether it's your husband, Gone With the Wind. So this is the year of the peeling off the onion year. It is certainly very interesting, but without going down we can't create the new and this is why I demonstrated this so clearly.

Okay, so social distancing allowed us to not only look at our well being a little bit more in depth, but when we are healthy, we are noticing that everyone is everyone in a world in immediate surroundings.

Everybody in a world is going to be healthy. If we don't carry the virus. If we are immune to it. Everybody else is going to be immune to it. So this is why the well-being the self-awareness and looking inside of us it's more important than ever.

And later on we're going to be talking to her Hemali and she is a physical therapist and Reiki master and she's going to show us ways that we can get to the New World and new paths for opportunities.

Okay, so how do you get to how do you get to the shaking off the old and bringing out the new the easiest way as Reiki Masters or other people who are in the profession of wellness are recommending is meditation.

At first, meditation was very hard for me and I'm sure many of you have done yoga and meditation in the past and not all of us are still comfortable with it. And that is because we misunderstand the aspect of the brain racing and what to do with it. Until I understood that. You don't need to stop the brain. Let the brain do its own thing. But detach yourself from the thoughts. You just let them float like the clouds in the sky. 

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