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I've developed migraines early on in life which lasted for the next 20 years. As of this posting I am free from this horrible dis-ease that wasn't as recognized by doctors back then. My doctor signed me off as a healthy young women with some headaches that should go away eventually. That added more fire to my body and mind that was already burning. And at that moment I asked myself this life altering question "If I am not sick, who is? Who else is there inside of my head causing me to hurt like this?"

Now I understand that this experience allow me to find my life purpose. I knew that I wasn't alone with this problem and took it on myself to find a relief and eventurally cure for my migraines naturally. I went on to study biology and discovered that our gut has more nerve endings that the brain itself. Our gut health is more important that anything else. This is why self care and a healthy diet with an easy exercise program helped me to reset my body from the state of suffering to happiness. 

That was the beggining of my journey to helping others to understand how negative stress and anxiety affect our health and beauty. Today I am a holistic skin care expert and a therapist working with people who's stresses are written all over their faces and given that we now know so much about the meditation, yoga or simply breathing exercises they still can't break the habit of stressing out over proverbial spilled milk. 

I know it is difficult, I was there. But I didn't want to be a victim to this seemingly temporary health dilemma. And now let me share with you a couple of ways I still use to tame stress and relieve pressure from my mind-body that helps me to look and feel younger!

1. Smile More. Research shows that the act of smiling triggers release of a happy chemicals which in turn act as a tonic for the nervous system. In additon, smiling also helps to exercise the face so the cheek muscles stay stronger and the deep fold around the mouth becomes less visible.

2. Get a massage. Massage help body get rid of toxins as in the lymph drainage. Sauna or hot/cold bath would do the same if you are up for it.

3. Breathe. Take a walk early in the morning as the sun rises and again at the sundown. The energy of the sun is so healing that even 10 minutes can make a difference. Make sure to take a deep breath every 2 minutes.

4. Try Self-Compassion. We are so good in giving an advice to others in helping them overcome difficult situations or life situations, but we talk down to ourselves never forgiving ourself for silly mistakes. We remember this and that for as long as we live and don't let go. We rehearse the same thing over and over until we lose confidence and suffer. Let's try to be compassionate to self! The best way to change the negative self-talk is to talk to yourself in a third person as if you were someone else. Make sure to use your own name when you console yourself, this practice alone will allow you to gain control over stress and erase it from your mind as if everything is ok, tomorrow is another day to try.... Enjoy!

5. Self-Love and Self-Care. The global survey by The Body Shop has shown that we are in 'self-love crisis' with one in two women feeling more self doubt than self love. Anthony Robbins recommends his students stand in front of the mirror and look into their eyes for as long as needed to release the self doubt, self hatred and whatever else they might be holding against the Self. Practice this daily and notice how your relationships will improve. Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist who speaks to this says," When you let things go out of your mind to the universe you will be able to love and care for yourself  without searching for someone to fill that void. Most relationships fail due to this problem. People are searching for something or someone outside of themselves to make them happy, and that never lasts. Begin to love yourself and love everyone around you, not only it is good for you but it is good for the world we live in".

6. Let Go of Perfection. One way to teach you mind that nothing is perfect in life is to explore a hobby you are not good at and take it up as a class or a memebship of sorts. This will not only build your tolerance to mistakes but it will build resilience in you that will end up teaching you that sometimes Ok is good enough!





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