How Seasonal Allergies Affect Your Skin

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DIY Dark Circles Flush Routine

Dark Circles Flush


For many people seasonal allergies begin with itchy eyes and runny nose in addition to dry, itchy and sometimes patchy skin. Since pollen particles float in the wind so well, they settle in your pores and mucal membranes of the eyes, nose and the mouth creating all sort of problems including dark circles and dry and itchy skin. 

It is important to add that those people are are sensitive to pollen tend to react negatively to skin care products containing fragrance or a stronger concentration of products. 

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How do you prevent allergy associated skin problems?

Try to avoid being out during the high pollen count and of course use the air conditioner or air purifier at home at all times. In addition, make sure to visit a skin care expert to help you adjust your home care routine to buffer the problem. It is important to know that during the time of seasonal allergies your skin must be cleansed with a gentle yet effective product to remove the pollen from the pores. Avoid harsh scrubs and strong ingredients such as benzyl peroxide or retinol among others that you might have experienced in the past. Make sure to keep your windows closed and change your clothes and after being outside during the high pollen count. 

Season's Best Skin Care Routine 

Morning Routine

Cleanse your skin with a collagen stimulating cleanser such as Triple Exfoliating Cleanser containing fruit acids to slough off the dead skin and stimulate the new cell growth. Make sure not to rub the skin but simply apply to the surface with apple amount of water and give it a minute or two for it to absorb. Rinse as usual and apply a small amount of your morning smoothie to a freshly cleansed skin. This home made mask can help the skin quickly by boosting nutrients in the skin cells to shield the skin barrier and protect the skin from absorbing the pollen. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes and rinse it off completely. Protect the skin by applying a serum such as

and an ALA eye cream from our collection of specialized products. Finish your skin care routine with a moisturizer that is thicker than the one you've used in the summer. I recommend using a Shea Peptide Moisturizer during the fall and winter. 

Night Routine

This is the time of the day to deeply cleanse the skin from the polutants and of course the pollen. This time I recommend using a creamy cleanser without any fragrance such as BOC Chamomile Cleanser or an Oxygen Cleanser. Follow up with a Friming Peptide Serum. Finish your nightly routine with application of a moisturizer, eye cream and a special UnderEye Shadow Eraser gel to reduce the puffiness and dark circles.

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