Puffy Eye Season Is Here

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How does the airborne pollen affect the skin? For many people seasonal allergies begin with itchy eyes and runny nose in addition to dry, itchy and sometimes patchy skin. Since pollen particles float in the wind so well, they settle in your pores and create skin irritations.

Let’s begin, h here it is the natural remedy for puffy eyes and dark circles.

1.Cleanse your skin really thoroughly. So ideally you would want to do this at night when you have a little bit more time.

2.Apply an aloe vera gel could be anything other than oil. Don't put oil close to the eyes because it will irritate you. After you do this after you've done this.

3.Wet your fingers and place them under the eye area.

4..Tap very gently under the eyes, about 20 times back and forth

5.Repeat the same but this time swipe the fingers back and forth 20 times.. So now you have moved the waters and the toxins so that they vibrate under the skin. It kind of is in motion. Of course we can't see it but we can feel that.

6. So now all you have to do is touch the bridge of the nose in a corner of the nose and gently carry this out to your neck. So gently again, you're going to touch the corner of the eye. You're going to touch the fingers. I would use one finger at this time. You're going to touch and gently swipe the fingers to the end of that eye down by the ears down the neck into the collarbone. You're going to do this again you're going to go to the bridge of the nose, the edge of the eye you're going to swipe it go down by the ears and your collarbone. You're gonna repeat this 20 times and at this time you want to breathe, your breath is going to help this process.

I'm attaching a link to my community where you can see this process done in real time. . Again, thanks for listening, and we'll see you in the next episode.

Here is the DIY Puffy Eyes Flush Process. Enjoy!

DIY Puffy Eyes Flush



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