DIY Dark Circle Flush Method

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  All it takes is 30 seconds twice a day and your under eye area can look younger.

I'm going to start with a question from Virginia. She's 45 'I look like my grandmother I have those dark raccoon like looking dark circles' she says.

So how did the dark circles become a problem? After a short conversation I found out that she's drinking too much wine. Obviously she's dehydrated. It is not the genetics. It is her doing it to her body.

The reality is that once you understand what causes your dark circles or puffy eyes you will be able to tackle this But whatever the reason, I'm going to show you a quick fix which even I do. morning and at night it takes about 20 to 30 seconds and if you do this for two weeks religiously, the dark circles and puffy eyes are history unless  they are a cause of some problem in the body. Of course that is not my department you will want to see a medical professional if you are suffering from puffy eyes for a long period of time. 

 I hope Virginia is with us hearing how to do a daily flush for under eye circles. .

Let's begin with an application of a specialized gel containing vasoconstrictor to flush out the dark circles. It is BOC Under Eye Shadiw Eraser with a metal tip at the end tgat can be used to gently massage the skin. We need to apply something under the eye to be able to glide over the skin. It could be an eye cream too.  It could be an aloe vera gel, or it could be a specific product that is designed to dissolve the toxins or flush the toxins from under the eyes. 

So I'm not going to put a lot to create a barrier, please make sure never tug a dry skin because it's you can stretch the skin creating wrinkles. So if you look at the eye, the eyes are surrounded by muscles. The muscles are always filled with blood and there are blood vessels and fibers and a fat residing under the eye. 

Let's put three middle fingers together and begin by tapping back and forth, back and forth, and around the eye. Please be feather-like gentle.

After 10 seconds use two fingers to gently swipe out under the eye, begin from the corner of the eye to the outside of the eye. This drains the undereye area. Repeat this action

Lets recap, wash your face first the apply a gel under the eyes and then tap back and forth fir 10 seconds. When done take a deep breath and begging swiping under the eye from the inside out. All it takes you 30 seconds. Back and forth, back and forth. And you can go above the eyelids as well. But the most important part is back and forth from one edge to another. You're just touching the skin.

The last step is to remove the flushed toxins out to the  collar bone area.  Run your fingers on the side of the ear, right in front of the ear and swipe it down to the neck. Yes, this is very enjoyable. and relaxing. And you're going to see results quickly. .

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