What's Your Face Story: Look and Feel Younger Naturally

"Beauty became overcomplicated and I aim to simplify it " In this podcast you'll hear experts sharing easy to digest advice debunking common myths about skin and skin care. Hosted by Yolanda Russo-bestselling author, skin care expert and well-being coach, the What's Your Face Story podcast helps you find ways to optimize your health and beauty journey naturally! 

Yolanda believes that beauty comes from the inside, when you are happy--the skin shows. 

With 20 years of experience in health and wellness, Yolanda's mission is to educate and empower women on benefits of holistic health and wellness that includes self care and self love. Her main goal is to help her listeners to transform their lives by implementing simple changes in their everyday routines that will result in living healthy and happy life. 

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5 Surprising Ways To A Better Life and A Better World

In today's episode Yolanda Russo. skin care expert is speaking with Hemali Vora, reiki master and holistic physical therapist talk about 5 different ways of rebuilding self healing energy. Read more

5 Key Tips On How to Avoid Maskne As wearing an anti coronavirus mask became part of our daily routine with that it come another skin problem. Yolanda believes that beauty comes from the inside. Along side of eating healthy you need to find the right skin care products that can support the well-being of your skin. Yolanda Russo, skin care expert and creator of BOC and ZZB plant based skin care has a couple recommendation you can implement right away. Read more

3 Ways To Meditate On-The-Go

Yolanda Russo, holistic skin care expert believes that you can change the way you look not only by following a great home care plan but by meditating and breathing deeply. Oxygen is life. Read more

3 Ways Of Erasing Signs Of Aging Naturally

As the old saying goes "To Look Good You Need To Feel Good". Yolanda Russo, skin care expert at Speranzi Facial Spa proclaims that beauty really starts from the inside. As we are coming back to a normal life after a long quarantine period we might want to focus on self-care and self-love above anything else at this time. Kristi Sullivan is joining us to talk about the importance of breath work and yoga practice. Read more

Freckles, Wrinkles and Natural Skin Care

How do we get wrinkles? Our body is held together by a glue-like substance, collagen and elastin, which allows the skin to return to its original shape quickly. Up until age of 25, our body supports us unconditionally as it produces the collagen and other nutrients at a steady pace awarding us with a forever radiant complexion. Read more

Natural Solutions For Dark Circles

Your face is a resident to 50 muscles and 20 of them are expression muscles. The sole purpose of these muscles is to assist in expressing emotions. In order for those muscles to hold the face firm you need to use them. If you can't laugh right now, I understand, but you can probably watch a comedy and brighten your mood instead of news alerts about the coronavirus. According to science, the act of laughing or a simple smile can trigger a release of a happiness chemicals to instantly elevate your mood. As a result you may appear more radiant and more approachable. Read more

What Is Your Face Story?

The good news is, you have a choice and that is given to you by Mother Nature. The Beauty On Command Method gives you guidance and tools on how to help your skin look younger NATURALLY. Read more

Welcome to Your Face Story Podcast

Quarantine time is here! What to do? Let's do some inventory in our bathroom cabinet. So what do you do with those products? You don't want to throw them out so let's repurpose them. Any facial exfoliating product we can use on the top of the hands and the neck/chest area, body exfoliants you can use on the rest of the body and your feet. Read more

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