What's Your Face Story: Look and Feel Younger Naturally

"Beauty became overcomplicated and I aim to simplify it " In this podcast you'll hear experts sharing easy to digest advice debunking common myths about skin and skin care. Hosted by Yolanda Russo-bestselling author, skin care expert and well-being coach, the What's Your Face Story podcast helps you find ways to optimize your health and beauty journey naturally! 

Yolanda believes that beauty comes from the inside, when you are happy--the skin shows. 

With 20 years of experience in health and wellness, Yolanda's mission is to educate and empower women on benefits of holistic health and wellness that includes self care and self love. Her main goal is to help her listeners to transform their lives by implementing simple changes in their everyday routines that will result in living healthy and happy life. 

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Interview With The Founder Of Beauty On Command Method

I'm Irene Weinberg, a podcaster and recipient of Yolanda's facial treatments and I've been doing it now for the past four years. I no longer need fillers or Botox. The Beauty On Command Method teaches me how to take care of my skin at home. What I love about the knowledge that you apply to the field of skincare Yolanda, is that you combine emotional health, physical health and beauty into one package that is beneficial for everything. Read more

Puffy Eye Season Is Here

How does the airborne pollen affect the skin? For many people seasonal allergies begin with itchy eyes and runny nose in addition to dry, itchy and sometimes patchy skin. Since pollen particles float in the wind so well, they settle in your pores and create skin irritations. Here is the DIY Puffy Eyes Flush process Read more

How You Care For Yourself Matters

Nancy Stevens, the wellbeing and Self Care Coach, how do we cope with daily realities? Even if they come at us unexpectedly? Your family life, relationships, work, world issues, a mixture of all three communities so there's at any given time, because we're alive, life is gonna come at us and how we respond to that or if we were just pulled into that energy will show up literally on our face. Read more

Rebalance and Restore Your Inner Calm

Today's guest, Leah Skurdal an author Seeking Serenity: How to Find Your Inner Calm and Joy and an intuitive energy guide is speaking with Yolanda about easy ways to reset and rebalance inner self. Read more

Are You Truly Living

Many people think that they're truly living when they're on vacation or when they get the promotion or when something juicy is going on. But life isn't just happening when something's happening. Life is the everyday moments. It's how you go through your day. It's your experience of it. It's how you operate. It's your routines. Read more

Double Chin Can Be Avoided

If you can exercise your body and get toned why not to exercise your face? You can look more radiant and tighten the neck muscles just as well. Read more

Finding The Path To Happiness Again

Yolanda Russo is chatting with Diane Lang, positive psychology coach. Read more

DIY Dark Circle Flush Method

All it takes is 30 seconds twice a day and your under eye area can look younger again. Yolanda Russo. holistic skin care expert at Speranzi Facial Spa, Verona New Jersey USA explains. Read more

Your Face Story: Let's Talk To A Health Coach

How do you deal with acne naturally? Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine has known this for centuries and only now the Western medicine is becoming more open to the fact that stress and anxiety affects the gut as a result our skin. Read more

How Negative Thoughts Create Wrinkles On Your Face and Your Mind

Are you noticing a wrinkle between your eyebrows? Yolanda is speaking with Jacqueline Kane, pain specialist to uncover ways of taming stress. My favorite way of de-stressing is tapping. Jacqueline guides you through a short tapping session. If you are struggling with any pain or discomfort she wants to help you via Virtual Visit . Read more

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