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Re Train Your Face: A Simple Guide To Looking Younger At 50 And Beyond

by Yolanda Russo


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Yolanda Russo, the skin care expert, has found that people of all ages have a strong desire to look younger. After nearly two decades of working with thousands of women, she is convinced that it is possible to look 10 years younger as our body is very forgiving and it has an innate ability to heal itself. Those who are looking for natural ways to looking younger will find this book very useful. Yolanda claims that there is more to beauty than a face. She offers simple strategies to regain balance and find joy in living while resetting the Age Clock. Yolanda has found that health and beauty are connected, and no amount of expensive cream or makeup can cover up the stress or exhaustion. The author believes when you are happy, your skin looks radiant, and your life seems to be radiant too. However, when you are stressed all the time your physical beauty may slip away prematurely. Fortunately, our body can reset itself and reward us with a youthful face as soon as we start getting enough sleep, eat a reasonably healthy diet and manage the stress. This book offers simple yet overlooked ways of achieving balance in everyday life and finding joy in living. In Chapter 6 you’ll find simple yet effective strategies to help you look and feel younger. Yolanda is practicing and teaching the art of beauty at

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