The process of exfoliations speeds up cell turnover by eliminating the old, flaky or not-so-healthy to bring life to a new, rounded and more radiant skin cells. Let's talk about the benefits of skin exfoliation, what to use, what not to use and how often.

Exfloliation speeds up the regeneration of the skin making it look clear and younger. It is the first line of defense against wrinkles, dark spots, acne breakouts and scars.

 What does exfoliation mean for the skin for the face and the body it simply means that the skin is going to breathe is going to absorb the nutrients from the products that you apply much more readily when we are young the skin exfoliate itself. We don't really need to help it. It always looks glowing, but at some point of life can life conditions such as stress, sun damage or other, slows down the process of removing the dead skin cells and that's why we need to help it.

The physical exfoliants are cleansing scrubs, the harsh gritty stuff, or loofahs. That's the two common methods of exfoliation at home. Do it yourself. There are very economical and mostly used by young people. I would also include the electrical brush that it's sold everywhere that falls into the category of physical exfoliation. And it is even though it's looks innocent, it is harsh so any buddy after 35 should definitely pull back on the physical exfoliation altogether and use the other form of exfoliation which I'm going to mention later. So young skin has a lot of oils and it's much thicker so it can it can definitely tolerate all this however, the next day after exfoliation if you notice your skin is red, itchy or patchy pull back on exfoliation. Do it less frequently or even don't rub it as hard as you do that's for exfoliation for young skin for oily skin.

Anyone after 35 should use chemical exfoliation which is gels. I like fruit acids. I love fruit acids in cleansers, moisturizers and even a serums. So salicylic acid is one of them that's for younger skin, glycolic acid and citric acid lactic acid. Those as those fruit acids are perfect for skin that is aging and it shows less radiant skin more kind of patchy skin if you see wrinkles, that's also sometimes not a sign of aging as much as the deposits are residing on a surface and they need to be simply exfoliate it. So I like exfoliation in-spa such as glycolic peels, lactic peels or even microdermabrasion ones. Very good exfoliating treatments when you are at home and you just want to do something for yourself at home.

As I said earlier, you can definitely do a Lemon Juice Lemon juice is a citric acid which is also very beneficial for the skin, but it's not stable so don't save the citric and lemon juice for tomorrow.

Use it up you don't have to use it just on the face. You can use it on your hair. You can use it on your hands on your chest anywhere you want exfoliation

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