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"Beauty became overcomplicated and I aim to simplify it"

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I've invited a special guest Falyn Morningstar ...

Through personal strife and no healing support from Falyn’s western-thinking practitioners to resolve digestive discomfort, insomnia, fatigue, hair loss, muscle soreness, an irregular cycle and emotional eating, the Universe guided her to integrative and eastern modalities. The information from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition was so transformative that she became a certified Practitioner herself. Through diving even deeper into missing pieces in Falyn’s health such as sexual trauma, emotional shutdown, iron dysregulation and thyroid issues, she knows how frustrating and lonely it can be to constantly feel like there is something missing. Falyn now guides curious and driven health-minded women from feeling fatigued, distasteful about themselves and disconnected from their power to feeling vital, pleasure and emotionally reconnected from within. This guidance is done in a holistic and alternative way with functional lab testing and powerful resources so women can find the missing pieces in their story and unveil their luminous radiance to themselves and the world. Falyn’s curiosity to optimize life continues to expand and she lives by the moto “Heal Together, Rise Together.”

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About The Show

"Beauty became overcomplicated and I aim to simplify it " In this podcast you'll hear experts sharing easy to digest advice and debunk common myths giving you the tools and strategies to look good and feel good for as long as you wish. Hosted by Yolanda Russo-bestselling author, skin care expert and well-being coach What's Your Face Story podcast helps you find ways to optimize your health and beauty journey naturally! 

Yolanda believes that beauty comes from the inside, when we are happy the skin shows. With 20 years of experience in health and wellness, Yolanda's mission is to educate and empower women on benefits of holistic health and wellness that includes self care and self love. Her main goal is to help her listeners to transform their lives by implementing simple changes in their everyday routines that will result in living healthy and happy life. 

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